Pea Soup Design’s

Polymer Clay Rose Tutorial, Demonstration

Hello and welcome to my Rose Tutorial!

This technique is very similar to many tutorials online. What makes this tutorial different is the way I do the blending and the center of the rose.

My blending method is something I taught myself many MANY years ago and before I learned the Skinner method. Do I like mine better? No, just included it so that this tutorial may offer additional unique information you might not find in other rose demonstrations.

My rose center is not like the others because it uses the swirl cane instead of pinching another blended cane and making a teardrop (that never works well for me and is too bulky).

I wish this demonstration could be even more informative, truthfully I could have taken many more photos, but 32 photos seem a lot, already. I'd definitely include how to make the leaf but that would be a huge demonstration and this is just a quick tutorial on roses. Besides, there are a lot of wonderful leaf tutorials, free, on the internet. But, if you like my leaves, let me know and I'll put together a demo for my simple style leaves, too.

Good luck, please enjoy and feel free to contact me with any errors you might find or any questions you may have.


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